Lea Riznyk

As a premier wedding and event planner for over a decade, Lea mastered the art of delivering to her clients the most exceptional life experiences, while always remaining prudent, detailed, and thoughtful. Throughout her career, she has worked with everyone from celebrities and politicians to leaders of Fortune 500 Companies. Her years in the hospitality industry garnered her the unique ability to truly hear what a client is saying, even if they aren’t saying it.

After moving from New York City to the south, Lea decided to take this customer-first approach and apply it to real estate. Always traveling, always learning, always making new friends, Lea has an eyes wide open approach to life.

She has a BA in History from Hofstra University and spent a few years across the pond, where she earned a MA in Corporate Communications, from Bournemouth University in the UK.

Making people’s dreams come true has always been her specialty and she will support you throughout the process and beyond whether it be buying or selling a home.